Verify existing badges below

Drag and Drop – or upload the digital badge you wish to verify. 

Once someone is issued a BCC Digital credential – “a digital badge” – the credential can be easily verified in a number of ways.

Method 1:

Digital File
BCC sends an email notification to the individual that a badge has been awarded – that email includes the actual digital badge.  The digital badge is an electronic file that looks like an image…but has important data built into it.
The badge can then be shared and verified at any time through the BCC credential server or below.   BCC badges can also be verified through open badgeing systems.

Method 2:

QR Code
In the email notification about the badge award we also send a QR code. This QR code can then be scanned by a smart phone and immediately verifying the badge.   
Use you smartphone and scan the QR code from the screen - it will take you to a badge verification page

Method 3:

URL Link
The email notification about the badge award also includes an internet link that can be used in a variety of methods allowing a user to verify an awarded badge with a click of a mouse.

The Badge can be verified here