Become an Authorized Issuer

The BCC Digital Credentialing platform works best with a strong network of Authorized Issuers – You make the difference.

The Building Credentials for Construction team actively recruits and evaluates partner training programs to join the BCC Credentialing Network.   Once approved, a partner will be able to issue either the standard BCC Digital Badges or they can elect to have a private branded version of the approved badges.

Contact us today – and start issuing badges tomorrow.

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Credentials created to support a 21st century workforce.

Why you should become an Issuer?


Teachers – show local employers YOUR education is responding to THEIR needs.  
The BCC Competency Frameworks are built to support employers need for a skilled workforce.  Issuing BCC Digital badges will help you demonstrate how you have prepared your students with transferable skills to prepare them for a career in construction.

Even if you have an existing industry certification program – you should consider adding Digital Credentials.  The 21st century student deserves an industry credential that is created for the 21st century


Employers – whether you have a structured work-based learning program or an informal learn on the job situation, you are essentially providing training every day.  Help build the construction workforce by issuing Digital Badges to recognize and formalize your employee’s growth.

Workforce Training Programs:

Trainers – we applaud the work performed by local and national workforce training programs; they are helping meet the growing needs of our construction workforce.  Becoming part of the BCC Credentialing Network will help you meet your goals of providing industry aligned training.   It also helps your graduates earn their first construction position, or grow in their existing positions, by easily and effectively sharing their skills with employers.

And example of an Issuer is an online learning portal created to support construction training.  Sometimes face-to-face training sessions are not an option, this is where online learning is a value.  Our learning portal solutions help partners provide online and blended learning for the 21st-century student. 

Example Badges

Issuance Example