About Us:

BCC is democratizing the construction credentialing process

Within pre-apprentice training –  the construction industry has struggled with consistency when it comes to credentials, and what competencies those credentials represent.   

Historically, there have been three main credentials available to schools and training programs and each comes with substantial costs…now there is a third option.

Most industry credential options require the teacher/instructor to pay for and use the connected curriculum before gaining access to the credentials.   We believe as long as training is meeting or exceeding the expectations of the competencies outlined, then the credentials should be easy and available to be issued.

There are many teachers and employers that are quite capable to teach within their areas of expertise and have no need to purchase expensive curriculum – just to gain access to industry credentials.

Building Credentials has a different approach – Easy access to credentials  and full transparency to the competencies they represent

Partner Input

We asked industry partners, subject matter experts, educators, and employers what they want a new employee to know and what skills they should have - as it relates to those in the early stage of a construction career.This information influenced our first draft of in-demand competencies


We then took the draft competencies list and compared it against publicly available competency lists from Community Colleges, Secondary School CTE programs, and Department of Labor O*Net data. We used these datasets because each of them has already been reviewed and vetted by industry experts and advisory councils. The result was a more refined list of competencies that was edited to reach the broadest audience without watering down the value of the initial desires from employers.

Competency Framework

We have elected to start small and focus on the basics often included in pre-apprentice level programs, as we see this as the biggest need currently. We encourage you to review the BCC Competency Frameworks through this site. If you agree with them, please take the next step and endorse the framework. The more employers that take this step, the closer we will be to having training programs consistently training to the needs of employers.