We Are

A digital credentialing platform designed to bring accessibility and transparency to the construction Knowledge and Skills certification process.

Building Credentials for Construction (BCC) provides an effective method for educators/trainers/employers to issue an individual with easily verifiable proof of their Knowledge and Skills.  

How It Works

Working with educators, industry experts, and employers, we outlined the Knowledge and Skills that are in-demand by construction employers.   We then created a series of Digital Credentials, using technology based on the popular and proven Open Badging Framework, that represents mastery of a competency or set of competencies.

An individual seeking Knowledge or Skills in the construction industry can participate in training, and upon successful completion can earn one or more of the BCC Digital Credentials we call Digital Badges. These badges can then be shared or displayed in a number of methods and are easily verifiable with a click of a mouse.

What is a digital badge anyway?

Simply put, a Digital Badge is an electronic indicator of an accomplishment that can be displayed, accessed, and verified online.
A Digital Badge is more than just an electronic image – this image contains special information embedded in it. 

We know it is critically important to learn the knowledge and gain the skills – it is just as important to be able to easily share this accomplishment.

Beyond being one of pioneers of this technology in the construction industry, we are providing another major innovation – our model is to build a community.  Our Social Enterprise is focused on empowering as many training/education organizations as possible to partner with us to become Authorized Issuers of the BCC Digital Credentials.  

BCC’s mission is to open the credentialing process to all. We don’t think access to quality industry recognized credentials should be limited to a few curriculum providers. This should be available to all.

Your Voice + Our Platform = The Difference

Working together, we are bringing your need to verify the knowledge and skills of the workforce into a reality. Your endorsement of the BCC Competency Framework helps guide schools and training programs in the delivery of their education, resulting in a talented 21st century construction workforce.

Please take a few minutes to review the BCC competency framework.

If you agree these are in demand skills, please endorse each framework that applies to you and your trade.

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